New York Dating Coach Israel Irenstein Testimonials

Read what The Dating Academy’s previous clients say about New York Dating Coach Israel Irenshtain and join the hundreds that have decided to take action and date naturally and successfully.

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“I came to Israel for dating coaching, I had no friends, my job was pushing me to leave, and I had no self-esteem. I was full of anxiety and very depressed.
Israel was more than just a dating coach to me.  He showed me he cared, and I think that was a big part of my amazing pounce forward. Today I could walk into a party with just a little bit of anxiety that I leave at the door. My dating skills have improved drastically, from the way I dress to the way I talk. I have choices as to who I date! Israel not only helped me with dating but with all the different parts of my life, because they are all connected. I could honestly say Israel transformed my life.”

– Lucas P.

I’d like to thank Israel for how he helped me when I have been going through difficult times in my dating life. Not only is he an incredibly supportive, compassionate and friendly person but also a true professional dating coach whom you can trust. There was no pressure and no digging deep into my emotions, but at the same time he got to the core of the problem and explained it to me clearly. I left his program relieved, having the answers I needed, plus an ability to finally make my own choices leaving the uncertainties behind and moving forward to a better future. Thank you, Israel!”

– Anita Zav

“Israel is a fantastic dating coach. He is a great listener and was able to coach me in a way that suited my own particular issues. I worked closely with Israel in order to build a foundation of good practices that completely changed the first impressions women were having of me. He helped me dive into the ever-important nuances of body language, intonation, voice pitch, nervous mannerisms and a whole number of personal traits that added up into the wrong impression I was giving off. I worked with Israel for three months and went from never having any relationship, not even short-term (I was 28!) to being able to get into long lasting relationships. I have had two 3-months long relationships immediately after the program and I am now in a third one that is lasting five months so far and hopefully much longer (fingers crossed). Israel is detail oriented, persistent, and had provided demonstrations on the spot on anything he demanded of me — I genuinely felt we were in this together!”

– Doug J.

“My coaching sessions with Israel were empowering and insightful.  He asks the right questions and has unbelievable listening skills which helped pinpoint the root of my dating problems. As a woman, I felt very at ease opening up to Israel because he is comfortable to be around and extremely patient. He enabled me to see the solution and helped me navigate a road to get there which inspired and motivated me to get out of my rut. I have worked with other dating coaches in the past but Israel was by far the most effective. Thank you, Israel”

– Sabrina G.

“I am so glad I hired Israel as my dating coach. Israel has taken me from blundering blindly through the vast universe of dating to developing a very precise approach which I can use on each and every date I go on. Furthermore, I often find myself applying a lot of the conversational principles I learned from Israel in day to day communications with friends and coworkers. I believe that Israel’s coaching has played a huge role in improving my life. I definitely recommend meeting Israel and learning as much as possible from him.”

– Robert J.

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