The Dating Academy Israel Irenstein FAQ

What is the difference between coaching, seminars and workshops?

Coaching is one-on-one, seminars are two or three hours lectures and workshops are full day or full weekend hands-on experience.

Is confidence a skill?

Yes. In three different ways.

1. People are more confident doing something that they know how to do and less confident attempting something that they have tried and failed before. TDA teaches many tools and its participant feel more confident that they can date.

2. Self-esteem, or ‘confidence’ in oneself is a measure in which we give ourselves a perceived value. TDA has several proven methods to improve our self-image and self worth.

3. Results bring confidence. TDA programs are structured in a way where the students experience many small ‘victories’ and positive results. small results lead to bigger results which leads to even bigger results and thus, confidence.

Are the group classes gender specific?

Most group classes are mixed. There are specific approaching classes for men and specific classes for women on how to be more approachable.

Can people in a relationship benefit from The Dating Academy?

TDA teaches a set of skills. most of those skills are helpful in many areas in life. Body language, conversational skill, confidence, all are skills that will help in many situations in life. Choose a seminar or workshop that you feel might help and reap the benefit in all areas of life. Also, we all have friends and we all love to help – being more knowledgeable will help you help your single friends and family.

What is your success rate?


TDA teaches a skillset. We cannot guarantee specific results but we know that you’ll improve tremendously. We also have 100% money back guarantee if for some reason you aren’t completely satisfied.

How do the In-field session work?

The in-fields sessions are three-hour long and are done either during the day at a public place such as a park or a bookstore or at night time at a bar or lounge. For men, the in field session is utilized for approaching, body language, conversation skills and more.

For women, the in-field session utilizes how to be approachable, correct body language and conversational skills.

In-field sessions are usually done in pairs, one coach and two TDA Participants.

How do mock dates work?

In a mock date, TDA sends a person to meet you on a regular date. TDA observes and analyses the date and gives you specific feedback on what should be improved. The mock date is one of the most important steps and will often reveal tendencies and habits that are worth taking care of.

What is a speech specialist?

Tone of voice, speed and volume are all an important aspect of the non-verbal communication. Many participants lack control of their voice and some have a strong specific tendency (such as ending some words abruptly, mumbling or an overall weakness in the voice and more). The coach will identify an issue and the Speech specialist will help the participant overcome it.

Do you offer relationship coaching and couples therapy?

The Dating Academy does not offer relationship coaching or couples therapy.

Do you offer coaching classes for dating coaches?

Yes. Please contact us privately for the next coaches workshop.

How does the Image consulting work?

The consultant goes over specific tailored advice for your body type, colors, sizes, shapes and more.

The consultant will also help you create a list of what are the basics and how to dress to every event on your calendar.

Are the coaches male or female?

TDA has male and female coaches. Most programs involve at least one session with a an opposite sex coach.

What if I have something that prevents me from dating at the moment?

Many people feel that there is something external that prevents them from currently dating. May it be an illness in the family, uncertency at work or body-image issue. We at TDA believe that everyone deserves love and now is the time. If we wait for ‘things to sort out’ we may never take action. Please bring up your specific situation during the evaluation session for more specific attention.

Will this help me with anything besides dating?

Yes. TDA teaches a set of skills. most of those skills are helpful in many areas in life. Body language, conversational skill, confidence, all are skills that will help in many situations in life.