What is Dating Coaching

Most people have no idea what dating coaching is.

If they had to guess what dating coaching is, they’d say that a dating coach will do three things. Compliment to improve confidence, motivate to take action, and help choose where to go and what to wear on dates. In general, people believe that a dating coach is a hybrid between a cheerleader, motivator, and personal assistant.

In reality, many daters need that kind of help, and most dating coaches incorporate some of that in their coaching. However, the core of dating coaching at The Dating Academy is a lot more comprehensive than that.

What, then, IS dating coaching?

The Dating Academy’s dating coaching program is a personal process that addresses every aspect of your dating life. The program will get you ready, knowledgeable and equipped to succeed in the dating world with confidence.

Very often, when people see me in events, they come to me with a question about dating; they ask for dating advice. While I’m happy to help, it’s important to note that one cannot give you advice and fix your dating life.

If you wanted to start playing tennis, and you happened to see the great Roger Federer in an event. You would possibly ask him for advice. If he did give you a tip, would you expect your tennis level to improve from that tip? Probably not. If you were serious about improving your tennis game, you’d hire a tennis coach.

The coach will find out what you are looking to achieve, and will strategize the coaching program based on that. The coach will likely start by teaching you everything from scratch. You’ll learn how to make sure you’re healthy enough to play, how to purchase the right gear, and even find the perfect racquet for your game.
At that point, you’ll learn how to stretch before the session, hold the racquet correctly, hit a forehand, a backhand, serve the ball, and more. The coach will probably go over the rules of tennis and possibly even some mental tips. Only then, you will be able to start playing, and the coach will give you advice on how to improve.

There is a reason your coach will do all of that before giving you advice.

It’s because, first, you need to know what you’re looking for, understand the process, and own strong fundamentals. That will make the coaching a work of fine-tuning rather than trying to fix something that’s broken. Learning something with a focus on fundamentals will enable you to not only reach your goals but also succeed on your own even when the coach isn’t there.

Dating coaching is not any different. Instead of trying to get advice on where to go on a date, first understand why you’re dating. Then, make sure you’re ready to date, and you know what happens in the complex world of courtship. Finally, find out what are the specific skills you need to improve.

When done the right way, dating coaching is not about constantly fixing what’s broken, but building on good fundamentals. That kind of dating coaching will indeed help you get the relationships you’re looking for and achieve your desired results.

In our next blog, we’ll talk about the three components we teach at the Dating Academy. Being ready to date, understanding courtship, and improving the various skills needed to succeed in the dating world.

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