New York dating coach Israel Irenshtain helped hundreds of men and women succeed in dating. 

Israel has dedicated his life to the study of dating, psychology, and relationships. He is certified by the International Dating Coaching Association (IDCA) and is a contributing board member of the organization. Israel is the founder and top New York dating coach at The Dating Academy.

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“Israel is a fantastic dating coach and a great listener. He was able to coach me in a way that suited my own particular issues. I worked closely with Israel to build a foundation of good practices. The coaching with him completely changed the first impressions I give off. He helped me dive into the ever-important nuances of body language, intonation, voice pitch and nervous mannerisms. He also helped me overcome personal traits which helped me immensely in my dating life.

I worked with Israel for three months and went from never having any relationship, not even short-term (I was 28!) to being able to get into long lasting relationships. I have had two 3-months long relationships immediately after the program, and I am now in a third one that is lasting five months so far and hopefully much longer (fingers crossed). Israel is detail oriented, persistent, and had provided demonstrations on the spot on anything he demanded of me — I genuinely felt we were in this together!”

– Doug J. *

 * Update: Doug is now happily married.

“My coaching sessions with Israel were empowering and insightful.  He asks the right questions and has unbelievable listening skills which helped pinpoint the root of my dating problems. As a woman, I felt at ease opening up to Israel. He was comfortable to be around and extremely patient and enabled me to see the solution and get there. He inspired and motivated me to get out of my rut. I have worked with other dating coaches in the past, but Israel was by far the most effective. Thank you, Israel.”

– Sabrina G.

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Free Personal Consultation

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